Armor.1 RFID Blocker

Cyber Criminals’ Anti-Hack!

Warning, your credit card information may be stolen.

That’s the message thousands are hearing from their banks every single day!

Thieves are now using RFID technology to find out your card number and expiry date and they can do it in a matter of seconds, without you even knowing!

Until now, the only way to protect yourself from digital pick-pocketers was by using RFID wallets that are bulky and expensive.

Protect your ID and Credit Card Information!

  • Protects your information from all RFID scanners.
  • An essential item when travelling.
  • Discreet and fits in your wallet.
  • Makes for a great gift idea.
  • Comes as a pack of 5!
Armor.1 RFID Blocker

Free Armor.1 RFID Blockers

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