EasyPower USB Batteries

Be the Hero When SHTF!

Eliminate the need for bulky chargers and spare batteries by adding EasyPower USB Rechargeable Batteries to your survival kit.

Designed for versatility and ease of use, you can recharge EasyPower batteries pretty much anywhere there’s a USB port – including solar powered devices like the Pocket Light and EnerPlex Solar Charger. Combined with a solar powered charger, the EasyPower is one of the best AA batteries for survival.

This Survival Tool Can Give You Superpowers in a Crisis

  • Loaded With Power
    • Every EasyPower USB Battery has a large capacity battery bank. With a whopping 1450 mAh, the EasyPower USB Battery has more than enough power to keep most standard electronics powered for hours of constant use.
  • Built to Last
    • The EasyPower USB Battery isn’t just a great survival tool because it charges via solar… it’s also built tough. Unlike other batteries, the EasyPower USB Battery features a hard metal casing, with a durable thermo-molded plastic flip-top cap.
  • Super Fast Charging
    • The EasyPower USB Battery fully charges in as little as 7 hours,making it one of the fastest charging rechargeable batteries there is… no more waiting around to get a full charge!
  • Guaranteed to Save You Money
    • Because the EasyPower USB Battery will give you 500+ full recharges, it will save you hundreds of dollars compared to buying regular batteries. Not to mention you’ll never have to trade important prepping supplies for batteries with these in your kit.

Mercedes-Benz Craftsmanship Combined With Modern Technology

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