Fire Laces

Fire Starting Shoelaces

Shoelaces that double as a Firestarter! 550 Paracord and flint tips on the laces are used with the strike plate to create instant fire.

Free plus ship offer.

Strike the mini blade against the flint rod to make sparks instantly!

No matter where you end up, always have these fire starting tools with you.

These FREE Fire Laces will be a HUGE hit for your prep list!

Starting a Fire With The Laces

  1. Remove the waterproof rubber caps protecting the built-in ferro rods of the Fire Laces.
  2. Strike the exposed ferro rod with one of the included striker blades to produce a shower of hot sparks in seconds.
  3. Have tinder ready to catch the shower of sparks and now you have fire!

Never Worry About Remembering To Pack A Lighter Or Matches Again…

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