Pen Knife

Banned In 2 States!

The Tactical Pen Knife looks like an ordinary pen, but remove the cap to expose its 2.5″ serrated blade. Pen includes ink and works great as writing pen. Banned in California and New York.

Its elegant styling cues and luxurious finishes make the pen, and the person using it, look like a million bucks.

Perfectly balanced, the Survival Strike Pen’s lightweight, aircraft grade aluminum construction makes it feel like a natural extension of your hand. Since it uses a classic ink roller-ball design you can count on it to dutifully create grocery lists, sign checks, fill out forms and more.

Not to mention the fact it barely weights anything (only .6 oz.), so you’ll never get annoyed with its bulk or weight.

But the obvious reason the Survival Strike Pen will become your favorite everyday carry is because hidden inside this luxurious pen’s glossy metallic barrel is a vicious survival tool.

The Government HATES This Pen!!!

  • Ultra Lightweight
    • Even though the Survival Strike Pen contains a burly survival blade inside it only weighs in at a mere 0.6 oz. Good luck finding a lighter survival weapon! Carry it comfortably all day, everyday without a second thought!
  • Works In Any Condition
    • Both the pen and the knife will work in any condition. The pen uses a gravity defying ink ball to write sideways, upside down and in the worst weather. Since the knife is a fixed blade you can use it with ease. Stab, poke, and cut with zero worries.
  • Incredibly Durable
    • Made out of incredibly tough aircraft aluminum the Survival Strike Pen will withstand tons and tons of abuse. Remember, your decision to own this pen is truly an investment in your survival. The good news is the pen’s advanced construction will protect your investment as long as you live.
  • Easy to Use
    • If you’re ever forced to use your knife in a disaster you won’t need to worry about working with an overly complicated survival tool. Just pull the cap off, place it on the back and your knife is ready to go. This is as simple as it gets which is of vital importance in high-stress survival situations.
  • Super Discreet
    • Take this pen knife with you almost anywhere! Because it looks like a regular inkpen no one will know it’s actually a savage survival knife capable of ending an attack in an instant. Carry it with you almost anywhere for peace of mind and total protection. Probably not a big surprise, but this pen is not TSA approved.

The Deadly Weapon Hidden In The Survival Strike Pen

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