Pocket Light

Does What No Other Light Can!

Pocket Light is one of the most versatile survival tools available.

It’s about the size of a hockey puck, but it’s solar powered, able to charge USB-powered devices, shine a bright light and more!

This Pocket Light is easy-to-use, safe and very portable

Since it’s so versatile, the Pocket Light eliminates the need to carry separate flashlights, lanterns, or survival candles for emergencies.

It has multiple light settings including an emergency strobe setting.

New Light Replaces 4 Survival Tools!

  • First off when you get the Pocket Light you’re actually getting 2 lights in 1!
  • In a matter of seconds it converts from lantern to flashlight with simple push and pull.
  • While in “hockey puck mode” it’s an incredible handheld flashlight complete with a hidden handle for easy use.
  • Charge With Solar Or Home Power
  • Once activated the emergency strobe turns your Pocket Light into an emergency beacon to help you escape the most perilous situations.
  • It’s high and low setting are perfect for the times you need ultra-bright light, or when you need low light to eliminate detection.

4 Survival Tools In 1 Light

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