Pocket Radio

Power Player!

The radio with full AM/FM tuning of 530 – 1710 KHz (AM) and 87 – 108 MHz (FM) is the same size as a credit card and weighs a fraction of what other survival radios weight…

This is the amazing Kaito KA-208 “Kaito Credit Card Radio”.

Kaito created this “Pocket Radio” so people could finally have an ultra-light and super-powerful radio.

The same size as a credit card (and only ⅞ of an inch thick), this is one of the tiniest radios on the market.

With perfectly cut fingernail notches, the tuning dial acts like a heat-seeking missile to find the station you need in a crisis.

“Kaito Pocket Radio” Shocks The World…

  • Find out if troops are moving into your town to impose martial law.
  • Discover which roads have been knocked out, so you know the right ones to take.
  • Learn about disease outbreaks and where they’re headed so you don’t get sick.
  • Hear what other preppers in the area are doing so you can team-up or breakaway.
  • And so much more.

But remember. Not just any old radio will do.

You have to have the right radio…one so light, carrying it won’t make you tired enough to stop moving. It needs to be powerful too, so powerful even the faintest signals come in loud and clear.

Plus it’s got to be incredibly easy-to-use, be durable enough to outlast a crisis, sound great, and will work without issues. Well, the Kaito Pocket Radio meets all those needs and more!

Tiny Radio More Powerful Than You Think

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