Scream Whistle

More Effective Than A Gun!

Crazy loud, and crazy small. The scream whistle can go on keychains or attached to backpacks.

Simply stated this whistle is one of the best lines of defense to help increase anyone’s odds of survival in any situation.

Police recommend it because it can go places guns can’t (like your child’s school or onto private property). They also recommend it because it’s so damn loud it’ll quickly scare away a violent attacker. Plus in survival situations it can also be used to help rescuers locate you in a hurry.

Owning a whistle like this is incredibly important.

Why Every Cop Wishes You & Everyone You Love Never Left Home Without This…

  • Extremely LOUD
    • Just one puff of air creates a piercing sound so loud (100 decibels) it could be heard above the loudest rock concert. Imagine how bad that’ll scare rapists and how easy that sound makes it so you can be located if you’re ever lost.
  • 100% Waterproof
    • This tiny whistle is made out of ABS plastic that’s lightweight and durable. And unlike many other survival whistles it’ll even work when soaking wet making it ideal for anyone who wants to be prepared all the time.
  • Easy to Use
    • A survival whistle has to be easy to use so it can save your life. The good news is the Scream Whistle is. Just blow firmly on the mouthpiece and you’re good to go. It’s so easy to use even the elderly and the injured should have no issue getting it to work.
  • Incredibly Lightweight
    • You’ll love the fact the Scream Whistle is only 3 grams. Whether it’s in your pockets, or your survival kit it’ll never weigh you down. That and you’ll never know it’s there either, not until you need it!

Ear-Piercingly Loud Scream Whistle

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