The #1 EDC Tool

The streets of our country are no longer safe.

Criminals hide in plain sight, searching for the next easy mark.

And it’s not getting better.

Last year violent crime in the United States rose 4.1 percent.

Increasing your risk every time you step out your front door.

  • Patriots must have a way to defend themselves.
  • Patriots deserve to feel safe in their daily life.
  • Patriots need to be able to fight back.

The Discreet Weapon Bad Guys Don’t See Coming!

  • Precision Milled Alloy Body
  • Unassuming Discreet Design
  • Scientifically Tested Grip Pattern
  • Tungsten Steel Striker
  • Bright LED Emitter
  • 2 Interchangeable Tools
  • Functional Smooth Pen
  • Includes Replacement Ink
  • Includes Batteries

Lightweight, Powerful, Deadly!

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