Q5 TacLite

The GO-TO Secret Weapon

You’ve finished a late shift and are exhausted after a long day on your feet.

It’s dark and you’re completely zoned out as you walk to your car.

Suddenly, an attacker jumps out at you.

What would you do?

Sadly, most people freeze.

Lacking a real way to defend themselves. Like a deer in the headlights they’re at the complete mercy of a total stranger. A situation that can only end in disaster.

Unless you’ve got a secret weapon…

The Perfect EDC Tactical Flashlight

  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Construction
  • New Tech Q5 CREE LED Emitter
  • AdjustableZoom Up To 1100ft!
  • Deep Convex Lens
  • Powered By A Single AA Battery
  • Freeze Proof Tested
  • Stainless And Rust Proof

Blinding Your Assailants Before a K.O.!

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