Tesla Lighter

Fuel Free – Flame Free – Smoke Free – Twin Engine A fuel-free, flame-free, smoke-free lighter…With this sleek new lighter you’ll never need to pay for disposable lighters, matche… Take charge with the Tesla Lighter, a rechargeable electric lighter that requires no flame, butane or hassle! This innovative lighter works by creating an electric arc …

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Power Card Charger

Survival Backup Power From Your Wallet? This power-packed charger is no bigger than a credit card so you can take it with you on the go and make sure you have a reliable backup power supply when you need one. You may be miles away from a working outlet when SHTF, which is what makes …

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EasyPower USB Batteries

Be the Hero When SHTF! Eliminate the need for bulky chargers and spare batteries by adding EasyPower USB Rechargeable Batteries to your survival kit. Designed for versatility and ease of use, you can recharge EasyPower batteries pretty much anywhere there’s a USB port – including solar powered devices like the Pocket Light and EnerPlex Solar …

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