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– built to survive –

Shoelaces that double as a Firestarter! 550 Paracord and flint tips on the laces are used with the strike plate to create instant fire. Free plus ship offer.

Strike the mini blade against the flint rod to make sparks instantly! No matter where you...

The streets of our country are no longer safe.

Criminals hide in plain sight, searching for the next easy mark.

And it's not getting better.

Last year violent crime in the United States rose 4.1 percent.

Increasing your risk every time you st...

You've finished a late shift and are exhausted after a long day on your feet.

It's dark and you're completely zoned out as you walk to your car.

Suddenly, an attacker jumps out at you.

What would you do?

Sadly, most people freeze.

Lacking a...

Since day one, Donald Trump has polarized America.

Annihilating his opposition with a single message.

A statement that brought our people together.

A goal we could aspire to.

“Make America Great Again.”

A must-have for collectors and Trum


Often times referred to as "space blankets," these innovative, space-age products (originally designed by NASA) are great for anyone who’s putting together a survival kit, a 72-hour emergency kit, or just a regular old car bag.

Made from a lightwei...

The Everstryke Match contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket.

Ferro rod strikes at over 3000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Each match is capable of 15,0...