Unlimited Access Lock-Pick Set

VIP Access – Anywhere, Anytime!

Imagine having VIP access to every place that’s currently “off limits” to you now. Cars, rooms, padlocks, storage units… the list goes on.

During an emergency situation, those “off limits” areas are the biggest thing standing between you and your survival. And if you don’t have the right skills and equipment to access them, there could be disastrous consequences.

With the Ultimate Access Lockpick Set you’ll have a complete set of high quality picks that can open nearly any lock in the world.

You’ll also get a see-through practice padlock, so you can bypass the learning curve that most newbies get stuck on and rocket your skills to the master level.

The Power To Walk Through 10,000 Pound Steel Doors

  • Comes with everything you need
    • The Ultimate Access Lock Pick Set comes with 12 picks. From diamond picks to rake and ball picks along with shims and tension wrenches you’ve got everything needed to pick almost any lock.
  • Works with the clumsiest hands
    • A chief complain about most lockpicks is they’re too small to work with. For this reason we overbuilt the handles from reinforced metal so anyone can grip them comfortably.
  • Tough and durable
    • All the picks in the set, along with the shims and other tools are made from a strong, durable carbon based metal. This specific metal will withstand the pressure and twisting that commonly breaks inferior lock picks helping guarantee you get years and years of use out of your picks.
  • Lightweight and compact
    • The entire set of 12 picks along with the practice lock and the included carrying case weigh just 6 oz. Light enough so you can carry it along to practice with anywhere, anytime.

No Professional Lessons Required.

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