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This website was created as a public preparedness resource for everybody interested in having an upper hand when things go south.

Hopefully you’ll never have to resort to this knowledge.

But, if and when SHTF, you’re able to assess the situation, know all the ins and outs of the unfolding events, you’re ready for it, and being packed with this knowledge gives you a unique ability to protect yourself, your family and your friends.

So, regardless if you’re a battle tested prepper or just a beginner, there’s always some new knowledge to be gained, therefore — stay sharp and keep an open mind.

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    • Highly recommended resource for all beginners. You’ll learn the basic survival techniques and strategies; all while being introduced to the world of preparedness.Bug
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    • Bug out bag is a true must-have – a backpack, full of the most critical things you’ll need during SHTF events.
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While entering the world of survival, you might often hear things such as ‘preparedness isn’t a hobby, it’s a lifestyle’. Keep in mind, at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is — you’ve made it. Human species is built for survival. It’s already in you. You just need to unleash your primal nature, embrace it, own it and hone it. You see… Survival is much more than a lifestyle. It’s…


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