Free Survival Gear

Following is a list of high quality Emergency Preparedness Equipment. While there are many resources where you can find top-notch equipment, these items won’t cost you an arm and a leg, even less…

As in not even a dime.

…Say what?

Yep, that’s right, everything on this page is 100% free — completely free high quality survival gear, with no strings attached.

Go ahead and gear up.

Free Survival Gear List

  • FireKable
    • It’s the ultimate EDC tool – tactical, multi-use, yet totally discrete…
  • iPac T-Shirt
    • Fight for your Second Amendment rights with an exclusive “IPac” T-shirt!
  • HyBeam Flashlight
    • Super bright bulb with an aircraft grade aluminum body that is waterproof and shock resistant.
  • Hoffman Richter Tactical Pen
    • It is a devastatingly effective defense tool that ONLY YOU know you’re carrying.
  • Scream Whistle
    • Emergency ear-piercingly loud scream whistle
  • Patriotic Paracord
    • 10 feet of 550 lb strength paracord bracelet, 8.5 inches long, with over a hundred survival uses.
  • Optic Fire Starter
    • When matches and lighters fail you, this nifty tool will become invaluable to help you start a fire when you need it most.
  • Survival Business Card
    • Has it all: eleven useful functions in one tiny tool that fits in your wallet. 11 tools in one!
  • Armor.1 RFID Blocker
    • Protects your information from all RFID scanners and comes as a pack of 5!
  • Emergency Survival Blanket
    • Highly effective NASA’s declassified space-age technology also known as “space blankets”.
  • Survival Grenade
    • Compact and convenient, fifteen “MUST HAVE” items to help you get through any crisis.
  • Strikepen
    • Tungsten steel striker with bright LED emitter and fully functional smooth pen.

We’re adding new, high quality and free survival equipment here as often as we can, so bookmark this page and stay tuned for future updates.

For any specific questions, please feel free to contact us, thank you.