Military Defense Tool!

When it comes to defending yourself and your family from an attacker there is no such thing as a fair fight!

The guy breaking into your house at night doesn’t believe in a fair fight…

And neither should you!

Meet The Blinding Torch That Can Drop An Attacker Like A Sac Of Potatoes…

An extendable baton flashlight that’s brutally effective in a fight. Heavy. Solid. K.O.

  • It’s made from solid aluminium
  • It has a firm grip to enhance striking power
  • The torch can extend another 4 inches for longer reach
  • It has 3 light functions: full brightness, half power, and strobe lights
  • Adjustable light size that allows you to make the light smaller and more focused, or adjust it to a wider light.

The Ultimate Self-Defense Tactical Flashlight

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